Congratulations! You can look forward to years of beauty and service with your new Modern Concrete Surface.

Clean Regularly! With a garden hose, occasionally using liquid dish detergent. We recommend using Simple Green, No solvents, and No Pinesol.

Tire Marks; Most can be removed by using Simple Green or liquid dish detergent. Occasionally, scrubbing with a bristled brush may be required to remove more stubborn marks.

Tire Skid Marks; require a professional touch up, and can be done for a small fee.

Regular Oil and Grease; will not harm the surface and can be wiped up with a paper towel.

Battery Acid; should be kept off the coating.

Gasoline; will discolor the surface.

Rust; can be removed with Wink Rust Remover, found in your local Wal-Mart, or major superstore.

Fertilizer and insecticide; some products can damage the coating. If discoloration develops, call Modern Concrete Creations for a professional touch-up.

Rubber door mats; some mats will prevent vapors from escaping from the concrete coating, causing the mat to stick to our decorative finish. Natural Fiber mats do not do this.

Water spots; if rain commences soon after the coating is applied, water marks may appear. Call Modern Concrete Creations for a professional touch up.

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