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Stained Concrete

Like a wood stain, acid-based stains are translucent and the color they produce will vary depending on the color and condition of the concrete base. Stains will affect different slabs in varying degrees of intensity, creating natural color variations that bring character and distinction to each project. Color selection will be an array of subtle earth tones, such as tans, browns, terra cottas, and soft blue-greens.

Acrylic Concrete Coatings

These coatings can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces to form a thin, protective film that provides good protection against water and chloride intrusion while permitting moisture in the slab to escape. They are also UV resistant and non-yellowing. Available in a range of sheen levels, they also can be used to enhance the beauty of colored, stamped or exposed-aggregate concrete

Monterey Drag & Texture Coating

Heavy-duty resin technology provides superior adhesion to concrete surfaces – essentially, it’s a texture coating that is sprayed and knocked down before the acrylic coating is applied. It hides imperfections in the concrete and makes the coating non-slip.

Custom Designs & Logos

MCC can hand paint or spray designs like brick, rock or tile. We can also add logos from a pre-cut template.

Sealed Concrete

Acid power washing of stone patio’s so they look like new, seal with industrial grade concrete sealer is optional.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy floor coating systems give a wear- and chemical-resistant surface. They come in a wide variety of color options, and can be accented with decorative quartz or multicolored chips

Reflector or “Metallic” Epoxy Floors

This new type of epoxy-based system allows you to “guild” your concrete to replicate the look of copper, silver, aged bronze, nickel, and other shimmery patinas. Some of these coatings contain real metallic powders, while others use special reflective pigments. They are especially popular for floors in retail, office, and restaurant settings, where a modern, upscale look is desired.

Air Brushing

Modern Concrete air brushes patterns, designs and logos in to acrylic concrete coatings.

Urethane Flooring

Super shiny and durable concrete sealing! Our solvent based polyurethane sealers are nearly twice as thick as an acrylic sealer and form a high-build protective film on the concrete surface that provides excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

Pressure Cleaning

Acid + pressure wash opens the pores of the concrete and pulls out all the dirt /grime / etc!

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